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The resident manager is friendly, lives on site, and is dedicated to ensuring that my home is well maintained, clean, quiet, and comfortable at all times.


I highly recommend Carnegie Court as a place to call home. The suites are spacious & beautiful. Management is friendly and helpful.


The Rideau Tower has been my home for the past 22 years and I can honestly say I do not want to live anywhere else.


I have lived in Ascot building for the past 10 years. The building is kept meticulously clean by Randy and repairs are attended to ASAP.

George & Marge

The Rideau Tower is a clean, well maintained building with approachable, friendly, and hard working manager.


The Arbor Apartment is not just the place I live – it’s home. This well-managed, clean building is tended for with care and effort. It's a safe, quiet, and comfortable space.